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DIY DSLR Video Rig Cage | Stabilizer | Fig Rig

My first Do-it-Yourself (DIY) project.   Inspirited by and Just Basl Production tutorial video.  Some of you might say, why waste your time putting one together when you can buy the real thing.  Well here’s my answer to you.  I’m not a videographer, and I am not planning on becoming one.   So why in the world […]

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New Boda Bag Review | Boda V3 Plum Weatherproof Lens Bag

I was so excited when the Boda V3 Plum Weatherproof Lens Bag arrived.   My first impression was “wow”.    I used to own the Boda Dry (2nd Generation).  I like it a lot then.    But after heavy use, some threads were beginning to not looking good.   After using it for a year and when Jim Garner announced the […]

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